Will Brown has endured a difficult weekend at the Darwin Triple Crown, finishing the race weekend with a best race result of P7.  

Race 16 - DNF

Brown qualified P16 and picked up 2 places in the opening lap.  

The #9 pilot went to follow his teammate past Chris Pither, though he clashed on the way through Turn 7 on lap 3. 

Brown suffered from front-left damage and pit for repairs, though with time running out to complete the required amount of laps, he was forced to retire from the race on lap 12. 

Race 17 - P20 

Starting from P18, Brown was shoved onto the grass by Garry Jacobson on the exit of Turn 5 and was in prime viewing position of the mess that was about to unfold when James Courtney went into a spin, taking out Scott Pye, Thomas Randle and Todd Hazelwood.  

Brown managed to weave his way through the mess, but dropped down to P22. 

Brown rose through the pack and made his way to P17 before pitting for rear tyres on lap 12 but ultimately struggled to regain much of the lost ground, and rounded out the top 20.

Race 18 - P7 

Starting P8 for the final race in Darwin, Brown got away well at lights out. 

Brown was looking to make some moves but was getting held up by Broc Feeney and opted to pit at the end of lap 9 for rear tyres only.  

The #9 Holden re-joined in fresh air and second in line for those that had pitted. 

With all stops complete and ten laps left to run when racing resumed, Brown carved out some fast laps and showed good race pace.