Saturday Results:

Practice 5 – Sixth (2:04.1645)

Practice 6 – Second (2:03.0965)

Qualifying  – First (2:01.8911)

Shootout – Second


Broc Feeney, Driver, National Storage Racing

“It’s unreal to be here, I love the Bathurst 12hr, it is one of my favorites of the year. It’s pretty cool to get to go against European-based teams, we are lucky to get to race them in cars that are theirs but on our track. It’s been really great to get back in the groove again after the break. The team are all working very hard to give us the best chance tomorrow. We’ve got Roland Dane back this weekend, and it’s been great to have him here as Team Manager on our car. To have this weekend not only for us drivers to get back into the swing of things but also for the team to get back into the rhythm is a positive thing for the season. The race here at the 12hr is such a long one, we are essentially doing two Bathurst 1000, so anything can happen. We are in a good starting position at the front of the grid, and I can’t say anything about myself but we’ve got two good drivers in Mik (Grenier) and Will (Brown), so I am looking forward to the race tomorrow.”

Will Brown, Driver, National Storage Racing

“It’s been awesome to be able to get some seat time in, I haven’t done as much GT racing so it’s been a great opportunity this weekend. I am used to Bathurst and the track but not in a GT car so I have been learning a lot from both Broc (Feeney) and Mik (Grenier), both who have done a lot more racing in these cars. Working with the team has been awesome, I’m making sure with Roland (Dane) back that I’m not late to any meetings, it’s been a great opportunity to work with him. Being able to work with the engineers and mechanics before the start of the Supercar season has been great as well. There are always going to be challenges, but I think for myself heading into tomorrow I’ll really have to focus on the first couple of laps of each stint and trying to get the tyre temp up. It will definitely be a long day tomorrow but I am looking forward to it.”

Mikael Grenier, Driver, National Storage Racing

“The car is feeling good, I think we have improved quite a bit from the first practice. What’s important is race pace but I think that with this car we have it. My teammates, Broc (Feeney) and Will (Brown) are doing a great job. Heading into tomorrow I think the most critical part will be how we move through the first part of the race in the early morning/night stint. After we do that, we’ll see how it goes, it is a long race. I quite like the track here at Bathurst. It’s very unique, the first and last corners feel like a circuit but then the rest of the track feels similar to a street course. You do need a lot of commitment and concentration here, so it’s not an easy track but it’s super nice.”